How to installed Fabric in Xcode.

There are two ways to integrate twitter in your apps. one way to calling twitter API and handle response. and another way to use Fabric SDK in your Apps. Fabric SDK release by twitter. Fabric have also include the Twitter.

 How to installed Fabric in Xcode.

STEP 1 :  Login to the Fabric account and download Xcode for Fabric from Site :

STEP 2 : Successfully download the Fabric , UnZip the Fabric and add to the application folder to installed Fabric. Click on the Fabric open the login of Fabric. 

 STEP 3 : After successfully login in Fabric display all project in list. You can also browse the project and added in Fabric.

STEP 4 : After browsing or selecting the project display all Fabric Kit in the list. Click on the Twitter Install button to install the twitter kit.

STEP 5 : You have display to TwitterKit Agreement and Developer Agreement, Check and agree.
STEP 6 : Successfully installed twitter kit you get script. copy the script and paste in the run script. 
STEP 7 : To add a Run Script Build Phase in Xcode, select your application target in your project, then select "Build Phases".

STEP 8 : Click the small "plus" icon and select "New Run Script Build Phase". You should now see a Run Script section in the middle of your Build Phase options, as shown above.

STEP 9 :  Inside the body of the Run Script Build Phase, paste in the script.

STEP 10 : Run command is automatically upload the DYSM file to the Fabric its help to crash report, after successfully build get Fabric SDK folder. Fabric folder have Fabric framework , TwitterCore and TwitterKit.  Drag and Drop the Fabric folder in Xcode project.

STEP 11 : Import the Fabric and TwitterKit in AppDelegate file.

STEP 12 : AppDelegate have method of didFinishLunchingWithOptions, add the code in the method. 


STEP 13 : Now build and Run the project and verifying the installation process of the TwitterKit in Fabric . Finally display installation complete screen.

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