What’s New in Xcode 9?

Apple release new iOS and Mac development platforms Xcode 9 which is quick and consistently smooth while large editing files. easily understand code then before editor. Source Swift 3.0 and Swift 4.0 compatible in Xcode 9. User can also update code in Swift 4.0 using Xcode 9.

You are download : Xcode 9

Here All new feature of the Xcode 9.

1. All New Editor :

- Smooth rate at constantly  , No matters the file size.
- Preferences thats give the better control over the line spacing and multiple font style. 
- you can commit multiple change in a single click thats issue is redesign.

2. Refactor and Transform :

- You can easily rename Class and method in your code. its feature like Android Studio. 
- Add missing protocol requirement.
- Generate missing implementation stubs.
- Add missing override.
- Local variable extraction.
- Extract method.
- convert if/else to / form switch statement.
- Expand default switch statement to generate all applicable cases.
- Wrap string in NSLocalizedString macro. 

3. Multiple simulator :

- Now You can run multiple simulator at the same time in Xcode 9.

4. Deploy and Debug : 

- Now you can deploy and debug your app on real iOS device without using the USB cable. But you need to WiFi for deploy and debug.

5. Git Integration : 

- Now you can access the git repository in Xcode 9.

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